Fashion – AMARO Clothing + Galeria Porão (with my work)


My Photos (“Dor” e “Dialética do Arlequim”) appear in the new catalog of Amaro clothing brand.


Art Director: Gregory Reis
Production Assistant: Ariana Goitia
Photographer and Video Maker: Paulo Peixoto (Brutal Studio)
Image Editing: Emily Attarian
Hair & Makeup: Deri Procópio
Model: Amanda Hokedei (Agency Elo)
Local and Photos Galeria: Galeria Porão

amaro-luiza-prado makingof_workofart-15_luiza-prado amaro_luiza_prado_chamada makingof_workofart-45_luiza-prado makingof_workofart-99_luiza-prado

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